For the Best Swim School near you

What Makes a Best Swim School

The Best Swim School Team has interviewed 100's of Kids, Parents, Instructors and Aquatic Centre Operators from around Australia. In doing so we have come up with a series of requirements that have been listed as their most important components of a quality Aquatic Program. To be the Best Swim School in an area the Swim School applying for affiliation with us must meet these requirements.

Teaching Quality >

  • Qualifications
    All instructors within the organization must hold current recognised industry qualifications.
  • Consistency
    A quality program ensures that there is a consistency across all levels and instructors, allowing students to move days and times whilst maintaining quality tuition.
  • Structured & Fun Program
    Program structure is essential to facilitate the continued development of the student. An element of fun in a program is also essential in maintaining the students focus and willingness to learn.
  • Class Ratios
    The quality of a swimming lesson is diminished with excessive student to teacher ratios. Small group classes are notably the most efficient learning environment. Optimal class sizes can vary depending on age and ability.

Water Quality >

  • Regular Testing / Recording
    Many pool systems now have automated testing and chemical input control, however regular tests are still required to maintain accurate chemical level data. Tests should be conducted during both low and high usage times. Tests and levels must comply with relevant health standards.
  • Modern System
    Many pool systems built years ago may not have the required flow rate and chemical input capacity for todays increased demand. Older systems may require more frequent updates to keep the pool water in the desired state.
  • Visual Clarity
    Water clarity plays a large role in customer satisfaction and is a simple indication for clients that the required maintenance and water treatment is being conducted.
  • Maintenance Schedule
    Regular plant and equipment maintenance is required to keep everything in efficient working order. Best Swim Schools require affiliates to provide evidence that this is being conducted.

Facility Quality >

  • Bathrooms
    Bathroom cleanliness and hygiene are a must in any public service business. Particularly in aquatic centres, with their wet environments and heavy loads of parents and children. Operators must take pride in their amenities.
  • Safety
    Safety in an aquatic environment is imperative. There are so many areas for possible dangers, however best swim schools take the time to identify potential hazards and have adequate safety measures in place.
  • Atmosphere
    Many aquatic centres can be intoxicating with the strong chlorinated odour when their ventilation systems are not satisfactory. Best swim schools must maintain sufficient ventilation to provide a comfortable environment for their customers and staff.
  • General Cleanliness
    The general cleanliness of a business facility is a major part of ensuring customers feel like they belong, and wish to frequent the premises. Operators must ensure that the general cleanliness and presentation of their facility is excellent.

Customer Service >

  • Phone / Web / Reception
    Best Swim Schools customer service needs to be courteous, prompt and delivered by well informed receptionists. Whether enquiries are handled by phone or in person the level of service must be exemplary. Website information is no exception, pages need to be up to date, relevant and user friendly, creating a pleasant experience.
  • Policies
    As every swim school has different policies and procedures to do with payment, cancellations, make up classes, attendance procedures etc. It can be quite confusing. Best swim schools must endevour to make their policies and procedures as transparent as possible and keep clients well informed of any changes to these policies.
  • Teacher Communication
    Regular communication between instructors, receptionists and parents is vital for the parent to understand their childs development. It also has a very positive impact on the swim school as the feedback can be helpful in improving the standards of service. Swim schools must foster this interaction to be affiliated with Best Swim Schools.
  • General Experience
    In the end it is the combination of all of the above elements that amount to a swimming lesson being a positive and pleasant experience. We trust that you will find this at all Best Swim Schools.