Best Swim Schools - Testimonials

“Swim Australia applauds Best Swim Schools for the manner in which it
has differentiated itself from other commercial internet search options; that
is, Swim Schools must meet more wide-ranging standards before being
Best Swim Schools is also to be congratulated for its financial support of
Swim Australia’s endeavours to enhance the ‘learn-to-swim’ experience.”

Ross Gage
Swim Australia

29th May 2008


“At last a web site that we can advertise on where we know that the money
that we pay is actually getting bookings. We Joined Best Swim Schools
last month when they started and have already received a large number of
referrals. Their high standard of expectations of swim schools joining their
affiliation makes Best Swim Schools the only web site that can offer their
customers high quality swim schools. Being associated with Swim Australia is
ensuring that Best Swim Schools are genuine in offering their customers the best.”

Catherine Myers
3rd June 2008 


Giggles Swim Schools have been connected to the Best Swim Schools site for around 6 months now and we have found the service brilliant. Not only are we receiving more leads from the Best Swim Schools site but we are converting 100% of the enquiries.

Our procedure has been to follow up with a courtesy phone call and although we have our own website & a few other affiliations Best Swim Schools are far out ranking them.

I would recommend the site to any swim school who seriously wants to take advantage of the internet marketing surge.

Kerre Burley
Giggles Swim Schools & Next Generation Aquatics 
20th May 2009