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Learn to swim FAQ's:

Can I learn to swim?

Yes, everyone can learn to swim although people are not born to swim automatically. Swimming is a skill that must be taught which is usually done at a swim school. Even though swimming is not a natural instinctive ability, for most people a few lessons are all that is needed to become comfortable with the basic skills required to swim.

What is the best age to learn to swim?

People can learn to swim from almost any age. School swimming and kids swimming lessons are two of the most popular methods to learn to swim but there are also many adult swimming lessons for later in life so there are no excuses!. Age is no barrier to learn to swim and many older citizens enjoy the company of others unless of course you prefer private swimming lessons which are also widely available.

What do I look for in a good swim school?

There are many factors to consider however a good swim school is easy to pick by the following attributes.

  • Employs qualified swim instructors
  • Offers a range of different swim classes
  • Offers both private swimming lessons and group training
  • Teaches kids swimming lessons through to adult swim classes
  • Provides a quality environment to learn to swim

Are swimming lessons expensive?

Swimming lessons are generally not expensive and in fact are one of the lowest cost per lesson sports or recreational activities around. In addition, swimming lessons are a life skill that can save lives, add confidence and help to keep people healthy - benefits that far outweigh any cost. Prices vary of course depending on factors such as whether the swim training is for baby swimming, kids swimming lessons, adult swimming classes, and whether they are private swimming lessons or a group learn to swim class, plus other learn to swim factors.

Where are the best swimming schools to learn to swim?

When you are ready to learn to swim you will find that there are many swim schools in Australia and around the world that are considered to be the best swimming schools. Simply use our search facility to locate the "Best Swim School" in a location near you, it's easy and convenient to learn to swim and you can undertake private swimming lessons if you do not wish to swim in a group environment.

Are swim instructors professionally qualified?

In most countries swimming instructors are required to undertake swimming instructor training and need to be certified for teaching swimming to anyone wishing to learn to swim. All of the swim schools on our database employ only qualified swimming instructors to provide quality learn to swim classes.

Is swimming good for me?

Swimming is a popular sport but it is also popular as a recreational activity. This is because swimming is a full body workout that can be performed at various levels of effort from gentle relaxing swim styles to exhausting endurance swimming. School swimming sports are on of the most popular methods for keeping young bodies fit and active.

I am ready to learn to swim, what now?

When you are ready to learn to swim simply search for a "Best Swim School" nearest you using our website search facility above and you are on your way to learn to swim!